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Welcome to my Paid To Click Guide. With multiple PTC sites, you can easily earn $20 to 200$ a day; if you just have the patience.

Well, what's the PTC I am talking about ?

PTC is a website that pays you to click links. Usually, the payout for visiting a website for 5-15 seconds, is around 0.01-0.4$. Now, you’re probably thinking, “One cent! Are you kidding me?”. Well, this is exacty what I thought when I started doing PTC sites in 2008. After 2 weeks, I had only earned about 50 cents. So, I quit.

But now, I know the secret to earning a lot of money on these PTC sites. But first, I will give you the links, so you can Sign Up. (When you Sign Up, it’s imperative that you view the Terms of Service. You can get banned if you do not know what you are doing)

Please use my referral links I will love you if you do and you are going to be my best friend ^^ No but I could send some referal bonuses to you, including Cash ;)


NeoBux is the most trusted and best paying PTC-site in the world. It has paid over 62,000,000$  in Cash Outs and giving alot of bonuses ! Everyday you have chance to win Free Golden Membership or various cash prizes ! It's hard to start with this site, but once you buy your first referral package, you will amaze by seeing your income will grow alot, and one day, you will Cash Out with 1000-6000$ a DAY !


Hurry up, the first 1000 Sign Ups to BuxYard will get you free Premium Membership for 1 month  !!! Cash Out is low and rental prices aswell :)

I suggest you to transfer the cash earned at BuxGrowth to NeoBux account to get more referrals !


Why do I have only 2 PTC sites listed ? Well, that's because I don't like to focus on too many sites at once. It's easier to start off with trusted, great PTC sites and focus on them. I focus mostly on NeoBux, because it's the worlds most famous PTC site which has already paid 62,000,000$ in Cash Outs :) My another tactic is that when I acquire some cash from other PTC sites, I transfer the cash earned from PayPal/AlertPay to NeoBux to get some more referrals :) I suggest you to do the same !!

Thank you!


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